Friendly Fayetteville Law Firm Providing Unmatched Legal Services to Arkansas Families

Attorney Vaughn Knight established his Arkansas law firm in 2005 to serve the legal needs of Fayetteville residents. Our Fayetteville attorney is experienced in commercial transactions in Washington and Benton Counties. Knight Law P.A. has worked with residents and businesses in the surrounding areas for approximately 15 years, attending to all personal and professional matters. Our reputation remains consistent in reliability, trustworthiness, and dedication to making each client number one.

Estate Planning

It may be an oxymoron to say you should plan ahead for life’s surprises, but that’s exactly what estate planning allows us to do. Planning for what could happen in the event you become seriously ill or pass away is something Knight Law P.A. handles with compassion, empathy, and respect. You need an estate planning lawyer to make sure that all is properly written and smoothly goes into effect.

Real Estate

Buying or selling property? The shrewd legal team at Knight Law P.A. helps clients in all areas of real estate law, including residential and commercial transactions, as well as lease review and negotiations. Since real estate law is extremely intricate, we recommend having a trusted attorney look over any and all documentation before you make decisions that could impact your financial future for many years to come. We’re here to help when you need us.

Commercial Litigation

Unfortunately, litigation can be unavoidable in certain professional situations. If you do find yourself facing a legal battle related to your business endeavors, you’ll need a savvy lawyer by your side with a deep knowledge of business law and the right acumen for the courtroom. Fortunately, attorney Vaughn Knight possesses both in spades. Whether you have been summoned to appear in court, or plan on suing another party, we’ve got you covered.

Business Law

The most important parts of business law include the initial establishment of your firm, or business formation, and drafting impeccable contracts. Without a strong foundation from the outset, any number of things can go awry. Having been a business-owner himself, our attorney understands and has firsthand experience with the challenges you face. Combined with his extensive legal comprehension, especially that in tax law, Vaughn Knight has become a premier business lawyer in the Fayetteville area.

Agricultural Law

Those operating and working with agriculture businesses know there are a great many nuances to this area of the law that require a vast working knowledge. Issues are extremely broad, ranging from interpreting or drafting agricultural leases, assisting with resolution of a boundary line disputes with an adjacent landowners and assistance with qualifying you and your farm for government subsidies/benefits.. As both an agricultural lawyer and former farm owner, attorney Vaughn Knight has all the requisite experience you could ask for in your attorney.

Knight Law P.A. helps individuals and families in Fayetteville with legal matters pertaining to estate planning, real estate, business law, commercial litigation and agricultural law. If you’re in need of caring and capable legal help, call our office today at (479) 571-0014 to schedule a free consultation.

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