Effective Title Disputes Attorney Protecting Fayetteville Families’ Assets

a gavel to represent title dispute resolutionTitle disputes arise frequently by their very nature; you can’t tell by looking at a piece of land or property who owns it or even where the legal boundaries are. There is nothing more disappointing in the real estate process than learning that a property is in limbo due to confusion regarding the title. This is where we come in.

What is a Title?

Put simply, a title indicates who owns property and for what that property can be used. This can be more complex than what meets the eye, as someone can own partial equity of a property without owning the physical space.

Common Title Complications

There are several issues that typically arise in title disputes.

  • Liens: A lien is essentially a miniature mortgage placed on a property when the owner owes unpaid debt. You cannot purchase a home that has liens leveraged against it.
  • Past property claims: You may think you own your home, but you could be wrong if the property was obtained through squatting or adverse property methods sometime in its past.
  • Covenants of record: These are typically land-use promises made by previous owners to other parties. For example, the original owner may have promised the school next door that they could use the back yard for parking every year for the school carnival.

Aggressively Defending Your Rights

Regardless of your individual situation, title disputes are unpleasant and can be difficult to resolve. That’s why you need the experience and knowledge of a trusted real estate lawyer. Attorney Vaughn Knight has helped countless clients get the outcomes they want and deserve in regards to property and real estate matters.

Knight Law P.A. is your legal partner if you’re facing a difficult title dispute. We’ve helped countless real estate clients settle common and complex title disputes with favorable outcomes. Contact our full-service office at (479) 571-0014 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll assess the situation together and formulate a plan for resolution.

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